There's No Place Like Home
Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ Materials: Chalk
How cute is the little lady in ruby slippers who found her way into our chalk art?!?
2019's Via Colori theme was "Sound and Cinema", so my family and I decided to go with a fun Wizard of Oz piece to honor one of the first films produced in technicolor. Did you know that Dorothy's famous red shoes were actually silver in the novel it was based on? The shoes were red in the motion picture to take advantage of the new-at-the-time three-strip technicolor process in 1939.
We were so honored to be sponsored by the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs and took extra care to include their logo with our artwork. I always have my 2 favorite artists/helpers for this even: my daughter Isabelle Le and my nephew Brandyn Dang. We love connecting with the people while creating live art. It's always been our favorite event of the year together. 
I named this piece after Dorothy's famous line, "there's no place like home," simply because it was fitting. Houston is my home and I'm such a lucky girl. I hope this piece brightens your day as it did for us when we created it. <3
Space City Unite
Dimensions: 10' x 10' Materials: Chalk & Tempera Paint
This mural is dedicated in memory of Lisa Benitez who was a vibrant and amazing woman. It’s an honor to make art for such a loving lady. 
The theme this year was ‘Deep in the Art of Texas’ and I wanted to highlight Space City since it’s my side of H-town and incorporate something fun to send our love out into the universe. Our heart tether on the astronaut got washed away but we still got amazing feedback overall. 
It’s always a blast working with my daughter, Isabelle Le, and nephew, Brandyn Dang. Our neighbors had a similar concept so we decided to join forces and unite in a collaboration piece. We connected our squares together with black tempera paint and a galaxy texture, but it didn't hold up through the rain storm.
Thank you Via Colori and all the sweet volunteers who make this happen year after year.
Dimensions: 10' x 10' Materials: Chalk & Tempera Paint
In 2017, I created a Godzilla piece where everyone can have fun and interact with the artwork at Via Colori, a street art painting festival. My daughter Isabelle and my nephew Brandyn helped with this piece and it was so, sooo enjoyable. We had a fun time creating art and talking to people while raising money for The Center of Hearing and Speech. Thank you to Power Home Remodeling for sponsoring our square!
The Rising Phoenix
Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ Materials: Chalk
In 2016 I had fun creating the concept design as well as drawing the actual street painting for the “It’s a Colorful World” theme. My team mates were wonderful and helped me bring my vision to life. We were chosen to represent Asia in our piece and I thought that the ancient peacock symbolized this perfectly.
The Sound of Art
Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ Materials: Chalk
2014 Fan Favorite Top 20

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