I love being an artist for Houston Via Colori, a street art painting festival that raises money for The Center of Hearing and Speech in Houston. My first time participating was in 2014 with a team of artists and I’ve been a committed volunteer ever since. Each finished piece is 10 ft x 10 ft and done with chalk. In this festival, each artist or team has 2 days to create their mural live during the festival. It is a lot of fun and downtown Houston gets covered in colorful and amazing art. In 2016 I had fun creating the concept design as well as drawing the actual street painting for the “It’s a Colorful World” theme. My team mates were wonderful and helped me bring my vision to life. We were chosen to represent Asia in our piece and I thought that the ancient peacock symbolized this perfectly.

Title: Rising Pheonix “It’s a Colorful World” Representing Asia
Artists: (team) Vivienne Dang, Carl Owens Jr., Jane Nghiem

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