Dimensions: 40’ x 60’ Materials: Latex & Aerosol Paint Location: Stanton’s City Bites, 1420 Edwards St. Houston, Texas 77007
Stronger Together is inspired by the true-to-life story of three generations of owner-operators at Stanton’s City Bites. Central figures in the mural are Samantha and Jonathan Fong, family siblings who are carrying on the legacy of the enterprising generations before them. In this mural, Jonathan and Samantha are depicted leaning on each other in partnership, with garments that allude to the memories of Stanton’s past — notice a logo for Stanton’s Super MKT. A starry sky sets the scene in the middle of our Space City.
This mural was done for HOU Mural Fest 2019 and commissioned by Art District Houston. 
This mural was made possible by the following: @huemuralfest @artsdistricthou @stantoncitybites @visit_houston @amcap_give_back @saintarnoldbrewing @freshartsorg @aeromexico @headquartershtx

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