Dimensions: ~46.25" x 24" x 22.37" 
Materials: Original art done with ink, watercolor, and digital graphics; Final art is vinyl wrapped on metal
Location: Sugar Land at Hwy 90 & Easton, right in front of Starbucks
6502 Highway 90A, Sugar Land, TX 77478
My design personifies love and unity with a female representation who is left uncolored to allow many races to relate to her and feel her emotional yet strong state. The large flower symbolizes love and trust while the graphic baby’s breath represents purity of the heart. The birds are a depiction of our state bird drawing homage to Texas. I hope this design shows that people can be sweet and delicate while still empowering the belief in a strong future.
Thank you Sugar Land Parks for appreciating my artwork and installing my Lady in Blue as a part of your beautification series. You can view the other pieces by clicking here.

The color blue has a positive effect on the mind and body. It is associated with freedom, intuition, sincerity, confidence, unity, and wisdom. 💙

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