Vivienne Dang is an artist and designer who likes to explore the world of symbolism and surrealism. She incorporates her fascination for human emotions into her concepts for each painting and has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Dang graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Houston and has been designing professionally for more than 12 years. She produces digital work as well as traditional drawings and paintings. Vivienne loves to create and experiment to grow as an artist, and she hopes to share her joy of illustrating with people through her artwork.
"I got into creating art because I love it; I live for it. Because nothing else has ever made me happier. I’ve learned to accept that struggles are a part of learning new experiences and we all need them to grow. Being an artist means being vulnerable and exposed. My motto is to go for it and 'Do it scared.'" 
- Vivienne Dang

Houston Heartmade
Voyage Houston 
Houstonia Magazine
HISD Mural Unveiling
Houston, TX USA
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