Artists: (team) Vivienne Dang, Isabelle Le, Jane Nghiem, Anna Dulin, Carl Owens Jr., and Kaley Owens
This particular year was a true on the spot DOODLE collaboration. With a larger team, we felt we could take on 2 squares and we successfully completed a 10’x10′ square and a 4’x4′ square. We were inspired by Jon Burgerman’s street art and wanted to create a jam-packed collage of cute, goofy, crazy creatures with a vibrant rainbow palette. Everyone on the team came up with their own original characters to include in the final pieces. On the days of the festival, we placed the characters where we thought they'd fit. We also included a large number “10” in the center of our large square and tiny 10’s hidden throughout the piece to celebrate Houston Via Colori’s 10 year anniversary! 

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